Instant Nails

Custom nail polish strips application $45 per set
With a manicure only $20

Nail polish, polish remover, foot soaks etc. are all from our pure product organic line!

Think outside the bottle with our Instant Nails. Dress up your nails! Get on trend!!

Fashions biggest statement is nail decor!!!

Today's technology lets you say goodbye to liquid nail polish – no more drying time, smudges, or streaks! Nail polish lacquer stripes provide a perfect manicure in minutes. The nail lacquers are made of real nail polish, and each strip includes base, color, and top coats.

Our nail polish lacquer is nontoxic, and nail is pampered and prepared using our fully organic nail product line! And they last! 7-10 days!!! This revolutionary technology allows you to get exactly the look you want on your nails without the salon time and the possibilities are endless.

Celeb nails in minutes!!


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